Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Think Small

I thought this morning's class was fantastic. Sep seemed to use all the material that we have studied so far in one class, namely, start with a story to grab attention and engage us, and give many mini stories throughout to help us take away his 8 small yet powerful lessons and finally look at the potential of making a big impact by focusing on the small things. The best part was, he seemed to neither know nor particularly care about when and how this big impact was going to happen. His focus was entirely on the small things: pay attention to individual emotions and see what they can teach us.

That said, I just wanted to summarize the 8 lessons, 4 from his own personal story:
- Think small to think new
- Think small to think deeply
- Be small to think small (I thought this was humility)
- Biggest rewards are the small ones (the small ones also happen to be the intimate ones)

The next 4 lessons were from Banksy's ( street art

- Tailor the medium to the mission (customer service?)
- Be Playful (Tea House iGoogle theme)
- Bring the work to the where the people are
- Have a point (this makes the work sticky, meaningful)

I was moved by today's talk and I am not even sure why, maybe because the power to think small is valued so little in the business school and yet it has the most potential to create action as it lowers the barrier to create impact: a small one will do.

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  1. I believe Sep was the perfect speaker for this class.

    He is a great storyteller and could exemplify very well the concept of “thinking small,” capturing amazing “small and deep” moments to share with us. I was also very impressed by how humble he is.

    His story with Google is unique, but I was especially touched by the “We Feel Fine” project. I was really surprised to hear that most of the people who visit his website are concentrated in areas such as tech and design, since for me it seems such an inspirational website that can have a great impact in several different demographics.